Michelle Woodside
Michelle WoodsideCo-Founder, Vice President & Outreach Director

Michelle Woodside has a passion for helping client’s and their families struggling with addiction. She works around the clock to ensure those suffering always have someone to speak to at all hours of the day or night. Michelle has over two decades professional experience in the field of substance abuse & dual diagnosis and brings her skills to Lifeline Treatment Center to show all of our clients that there is a path for success in recovery and in life.

Michelle received her Bachelor degree from Barry University to pursue her career as a professional counselor. After several years, she soon realized that her skills and passion were in outreach, where she could be of life saving assistance to families all over the country suffering from this disease and inform them of possibilities to combat the disease of addiction. Michelle is a genuine, hands-on owner who truly cares about each and every client and their families.

Alexander Lind
Alexander LindCo-Founder, President & CEO

Alexander is the co-founder and President at Lifeline Treatment Center. He has been in the addiction treatment industry since 2013 and began his career in this field at an entry level position and worked his way up by hard work and dedication to the clients and focusing on strategic needs of the facility. Alex enjoys seeing first-hand the transformation each client makes from their first day at Lifeline through their graduation & coin out ceremony. Alex handles most operational, financial, HR & risk management aspects of Lifeline Treatment Center. Alexander enjoys spending time with his family and friends, fishing, and all things aviation. He received his pilot license at the age of 18 while attending college in Gainesville, Florida.

Caitlin Garner MA, LCMHC, LCAS, CCS
Caitlin Garner MA, LCMHC, LCAS, CCSClinical Director

Caitlin Lane Garner, a local to New Hanover County, established herself in the field of mental health and substance use services in an effort to serve the community in which she lives and loves. In her free time, Caitlin enjoys time on the waterway, activities with her family, and self-care in the gym. Caitlin graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from the University of North Carolina Wilmington and moved to Portland, Oregon for graduate studies where she obtained her Masters of Arts in Counseling Psychology with a secondary focus in organizational behavior. She is currently a board approved Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist, and Certified Clinical Supervisor.

Caitlin has 9 years of experience serving mental health and substance use populations with 4 years of clinical supervisory experience. She found her niche in working with addictions right from the start of her clinical journey. She has served both adults and adolescents with co-occurring mental heath and substance use disorders, as well as populations with codependency, anxiety and mood disorders, behavioral problems, developmental disabilities, vocational difficulties, sexual offense histories, severe and persistent mental illness, and personality disorders.

Prior to her transition to Lifeline Treatment Center, Caitlin served as the Assistant Director of outpatient services at Coastal Horizons Center in New Hanover County. She describes her theoretical approach as eclectic to meet the individual needs of the client, although her treatment modalities mainly stem from cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, strengths-based approaches, and solution focused brief therapies.

While Caitlin began her journey hoping to make a difference in the lives of the people in her community, she is excited to extend that to individuals and their families from all over the United States, as well as lead the clinical team at Lifeline Treatment Center in providing individualized care in a healing environment.

Krystal Derr CADC
Krystal Derr CADCSubstance Abuse Counselor

Krystal is a Drug and Alcohol Counselor here at Lifeline Treatment Center. She is caring and compassionate.  She believes in client centered care and wants to be a support for those who are going through a difficult time.

She changed careers to start a new career in this field four years ago after losing a loved one to an overdose. Krystal started out as a Behavioral Health Tech and has continued her education to become a counselor.

Krystal has been affected by drug and alcohol addiction both personally and with loved ones throughout her life. She understands and has lived experience with the stigma around mental health and addiction. Krystal wants to work with you and your loved ones to help break that stigma and to help them create a better life. It takes one person at a time to be that change. She believes everyone has the right to be able to create a world they want to live in not one they want to escape from. Krystal believes your thoughts can manifest to what you become and wants to help you and your loved ones better their mind and spirit.

Krystal has worked with Lifeline Treatment center for over a year. She believes this program can help anyone that takes the next step to walk through our doors. She also believes being a smaller treatment center gives you and your loved ones a better chance at succeeding due to the more individualized care. She is committed to helping clients grow and setting each one up for success. Krystal is a firm believer in ensuring a solid after care plan helps the client take the next right step to move forward after their treatment stay.

She is excited to help with you and your loved ones on this journey to recovery.

Linda Massey
Linda MasseyOutreach Specialist | Office Manager

Linda Massey is an Office Manager at Lifeline Treatment Center.  Her career consists of working in the Insurance industry as Lead Business Analyst for a large IT company in South Carolina.   She has diversified experience working with people of all ages, from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Her goal is to give each client the tools they need to successfully manage their lives.

She had firsthand experience with alcoholism and drug addiction within her family unit.  Their sobriety encouraged her to want to give back to others that were experiencing addictions.  Her passion is to help bring healing to people who have gone through similar experiences.

After working for corporate America for most of her life she realized it was time to seek an opportunity where an individual could feel confident that their treatment was not only important to themselves but was important to the staff administering their treatment.

She is thrilled to be a member of Lifeline’s staff because she knows they are committed to helping their clients achieve a better life and she has a major role in their success.

Selena Spivey, CMA
Selena Spivey, CMACertified Medical Assistant

Selena has been working in the medical field for 5 years. Starting out in high school she took EMT l & EMT ll. She then began running EMS with Buckhead Volunteer Fire & Rescue Department, she has been a member there for 5 years, and she loves it. She then received her Certified Nursing Assistant license in 12th grade before she graduated. She has been working as a CNA for 3 years, she took on a role at Rye Wellness Center for the position of a CAN/ CMA, which is where she got grandfathered in as a Medical Assistant. She then received her Certified Medication Technician License and that is where she has gained most of her experience. Selena is excited to bring her experience to the field of chemical dependency and mental health.

Robert Hagerman
Robert HagermanBHT Manager

Robert started his BHT career in 2007 In Michigan working with clients with mental illness. Robert has always had a passion for helping people in their time of need. Robert has a unique gift allowing him to relate to what the client is going through which I have learned through my experience in this field. Robert started his career with Lifeline Treatment Center in 2017 and has developed his craft for helping clients in need. Since his career at Lifeline, he has been promoted to Supervisor and enjoys using his position for the better of both his staff as well as the clients he interacts with on a daily basis.

Dr. Richard J. Carlson (M.D.)Medical Director

Richard J. Carlson, Medical Doctor (M.D.) and Fellow of Royal College of Physicians -Canada (FRCP-C)

Educational Background: Lebanon Valley College, Annville, PA (1963-1967), Hahnemann University School of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA. (1967-1971), Internship: Hahnemann University, Philadelphia , PA. (1971- 1972), Residency: University of Ottawa, Ontario Canada (1972-1976).

Dr. Carlson is Board Certified in Psychiatry in the United States, Canada and Great Britain.

I have been a practicing Psychiatrist since graduating from University of Ottawa in 1976 and during my tenure as a Psychiatrist I work with Children, Adolescents, Adults, and Geriatric populations this includes providing Psychotherapy, Addiction medicine, and working as
Psychiatrist for Emergency Medicine.

Dr. Carlson has been the Medical Director and Clinical Psychiatrist, offering directorship, including diagnostic evaluations and medical management for his patients. Dr. Carlson is fluent in the following languages: German, Spanish, French, Dutch. Dr. Carlson is also able to communicate in the following languages: Russian, Italian, and Swedish.