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Rodney Hampton, MS, CSAR-R

Rodney Hampton, MS, CSAC-R

Substance Abuse Counselor

Rodney is a Clinical Group Facilitator with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, Masters Degree in Clinical Counseling, and a Graduate Certification in Addiction Counseling. Rodney has worked in the field of Mental Health and Substance Abuse for 20 + years. He is a registered member of the NCSAPPB, with an eclectic or trans-therapeutic approach. Rodney believes in the notions supported by Carl Jung and Milton Erickson that each and every patient/client/guest, should have a therapy that is uniquely and individually tailored.

Rodney is an ardent believer in balance and integration that at the moment is emphasizing wholeness, wellness, loving kindness, compassion, awareness, tolerance, forgiveness and acceptance. At Lifeline Treatment Center, Rodney is a consulting Group Facilitator involved in group therapy. The center offers a unique life and ultimate treatment experience with proven results.