Project Description

Linda Massey

Linda Massey

Outreach Specialist/Office Manager

Linda Massey is an Outreach Specialist at Lifeline.  Her career consists of working in the Insurance industry as Lead Business Analyst for a large IT company in South Carolina.   She has diversified experience working with people of all ages, from a variety of cultural background. Her goal is to give a client the tools they need to successfully manage their lives.

She had firsthand experience with alcoholism and drug addiction within her family unit.  Their sobriety encouraged her to want to give back to others that were experiencing addictions.  Her passion is to help bring healing to people who have gone through similar experiences.

After working for corporate America for most of her life she realized it was time to seek an opportunity where an individual could feel confident that their treatment was not only important to themselves but was important to the staff administering their treatment.  She is thrilled to be a member of Lifeline’s staff because she knows they are committed to helping their clients achieve a better life better life and she has a major role in their success.